Sunday, April 12, 2009


Huh?Did i mention Raining? suppose i do.Today i went Shopping with my Mummy.Where ? I guess i don't have to mention it :pp It's not fun but its QUITE fun. Its heavy raining outside the Mall. We park far from the main Entrance. Duhh! We are wet! Never Mind. As usual, i pick few stuff which i Like more specific *things that i LOVE* hahaha :)) Lucky Mummy agree, not much talk just Smiling *hehe* i LOVE** my Mummy. Erk ? for real ? LOL! Its about 1 and half hour past.We Done and then we went to My Sister School. She got Taek-Won-Do (did i spell ryte?) practise. Then, we Stop at MCD.having something to eat.Surprisely Mummy follow also.She's Hungry and so do I :)) After gossipping-gossipping we Back. Kinna Tyred but still wanna Online. Hehehe :))

P/s : This Post is specially Dedicate to My dear Sister : Eleanor & Cyn. Hope you guys enjoy Reading :))